MICROLAX® for Constipation Relief

Whilst constipation is a common condition, the symptoms of it can upset your day. Additional symptoms can include stomach ache and cramps, bloating, feeling sick and a loss of appetite. Therefore, you may want to relieve your constipation early so you can try and avoid the uncomfortable symptoms. It is also important to try and find out the reason for your constipation.

If lifestyle changes haven’t helped to relieve your constipation, you may want to look at other treatments or ways for temporary relief, such as microenemas. Microenemas are inserted into the rectum which can help to relieve temporary constipation locally, offering you predictable relief.

Why choose MICROLAX®?

MICROLAX® has helped relieve temporary constipation for more than 20 years.
MICROLAX® is a fast-acting micro- enema. It is easy to use and provides relief during constipation within 5-15 minutes. MICROLAX® works locally in the rectum where it is needed, without irritating the intestine.

Benefits of MICROLAX® include:

  • Provides constipation relief within 5-15 minutes
  • The microenema is small in size with a narrow tube tip
  • Simple to use
  • Hygienic, one-tube use

How does MICROLAX® Work?

MICROLAX® works locally in the rectum to help relieve your constipation.

Hard Stools Make Hard to Empty Intestine

Hard and compact stools make it difficult and painful to empty the bowel.

Microlax Microenema Rectal Solution

MICROLAX® microenema rectal solution is administered.

Microlax Helps Soften the Stool

MICROLAX® helps soften the stool. The sodium citrate and sodium lauryl sulfoacetate in MICROLAX® soften the surface of the stool and increase the amount of fluid in the hard stool.

Microlax softens stool and stimulates bowel movement

As the water content increases in the stool, the volume increases in the rectum which stimulates the bowel movement. Effect is usually obtained within 5-15 minutes.

MICROLAX® softens hard stools without irritating the intestine. The active ingredients that give you relief are sodium citrate and sodium lauryl sulfoacetate.
If you have any questions or feelings of concern before using MICROLAX®, do not hesitate to contact your doctor, pharmacist or nurse.  Consult a doctor before using constipation drugs for children, including MICROLAX®.